My name is Fabian Pedregosa and I'm a PhD student working in the PARIETAL and SIERRA research teams. My work focuses on machine learning methods for the modeling of brain structure, and my advisors are Alexandre Gramfort and Francis Bach. Look at my Google Scholar profile for a full list of papers.

Before starting my PhD I have worked as lead developer for scikit-learn (2010-2012). Prior to that I contributed to SymPy.

You can reach me at f@bianp.net


I've done my best to upload here for a complete list of publications. You can also check out my google scholar profile


I enjoy contributing code to open source projects. Here are the ones I am most proud of:


David Cournapeau started this project in 2007. I took over the project in January since 2010, made the first public release the 1st February 2010 and have been developer, maintainer and release manager until January 2012. I currently contribute ocasionally.


line-by-line memory consumption for Python code. I started this project in 2012 and are the current maintainer and lead developer. This project won the best poster award at the EuroScipy 2012 conference.


SymPy is a Computer Algebra System written in Python. Originally written by Ondrej Certik, I was the first contributor to join the project. I’ve made important contributions to this project in the period 2007-2009, including a Google Summer of code scolarship in 2010 to improve the logic module.


I have contributed some code to improve the linear algebra module, including the `linalg.solve_triang` function introduced in 0.9 and some improvements to orthogonal decomposition appeared in the 0.10 series.


Most of my code can be found in Github


Until 2010 I used to play in a pop band called Los Esclavos. Available records are