scikit-learn 0.9

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Last week we released a new version of scikit-learn. The Changelog is particularly impressive, yet personally this release is important for other reasons. This will probably be my last release as a paid engineer. I'm starting a PhD next month, and although I plan to continue contributing to the project …

scikit-learn coding sprint in Paris

Category: General, scikit-learn

Yesterday was the scikit-learn coding sprint in Paris. It was great to meet with old developers (Vincent Michel) and new ones: some of whom I was already familiar with from the mailing list while others came just to say hi and get familiar with the code. It was really great …

memory efficient bindigs for libsvm

Category: General, scikit-learn

scikits.learn.svm now uses LibSVM-dense instead of LibSVM for some support vector machine related algorithms when input is a dense matrix. As a result most of the copies associated with argument passing are avoided, giving 50% less memory footprint and several times less than the python bindings that ship …