Fast bindings for LibSVM in scikits.learn

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LibSVM is a C++ library that implements several Support Vector Machine algorithms that are commonly used in machine learning. It is a fast library that has no dependencies and most machine learning frameworks bind it in some way or another. LibSVM comes with a Python interface written in swig, but …

scikits.learn coding sprint in Paris

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Yesterday we had an extremely productive coding sprint for the scikits.learn. The idea was to put people with common interests in a room and make them work in a single codebase. Alexandre Gramfort and Olivier Grisel worked on GLMNet, Bertrand Thirion and Gaël Varoquaux worked on univariate feature selection …

Scikit-learn 0.1

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Today I released the first public version of Scikit-Learn (release notes). It's a python module implementing some machine learning algorithms, and it's shaping quite good. For this release I did not want to do any incompatible changes, so most of them are just bug fixes and updates. For the next …

scikit-learn project on sourceforge

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This week we created a sourceforge project to host our development of scikit-learn. Although the project already had a directory in scipy's repo, we needed more flexibility in the user management and in the mailing list creation, so we opted for SourceForge. To be honest, after using git and Google …

After holidays

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New job, new code, new city, new colleagues. Feels something like this:

Winter in Paris is not funny

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This week I arrived to the place where I will be working the following two years: Neurospin.

It's a research center located 20 km from Paris, and so far things are going smoothly: the place is beautiful, work is great and food is excellent. Well OK, I do miss some …

Last days in Granada

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Nice thing about winter in Granada is, that even in the coldest days, the sky is always blue.

Learning, Machine Learning

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My new job is about managing an open source package for machine learning in Python. I've had some experience with Python now, but I am a total newbie in the field of machine learning, so my first task will be to find a good reference book in the subject and …

Moving to Paris!

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I'm extremely glad that finally I am moving to Paris to work as part of the INRIA crew. I'll be working with Gael Varoquaux and his team in an extremely cool Python related project (more to come on this in the following weeks). Granada has been a great place for …

Summer of Code is over

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Google Summer of Code program is officially over. It has been four months of intense work, exciting benchmarks and patch reviewing. It was a huge pleasure working with you guys! As for the project, I implemented a complete logic module and then an assumption system for sympy (sympy.logic, sympy …