scikit-learn’s EuroScipy 2011 coding sprint -- day two

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Today's coding sprint was a bit more crowded, with some notable scipy hackers such as Ralph Gommers, Stefan van der Walt, David Cournapeau or Fernando Perez from Ipython joining in. On what got done: - We merged Jake's new BallTree code. This is a pure Cython implementation of a nearest-neighbor …

scikit-learn EuroScipy 2011 coding sprint -- day one

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#scikit-learn #python

As a warm-up for the upcoming EuroScipy-conference, some of the scikit-learn developers decided to gather and work together for a couple of days. Today was the first day and there was only a handfull of us, as the real kickoff is expected tomorrow. Some interesting coding happened, although most of …

Ridge regression path

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#scikit-learn #scipy #linear algebra

Ridge coefficients for multiple values of the regularization parameter can be elegantly computed by updating the thin SVD decomposition of the design matrix:

import numpy as np
from scipy import linalg
def ridge(A, b, alphas):
    Return coefficients for regularized least squares

         min ||A x - b||^2 + alpha ||x||^2 …

LLE comes in different flavours

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I haven't worked in the manifold module since last time, yet thanks to Jake VanderPlas there are some cool features I can talk about. First of, the ARPACK backend is finally working and gives factor one speedup over the lobcpg + PyAMG approach. The key is to use ARPACK's shift-invert mode …

Manifold learning in scikit-learn

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The manifold module in scikit-learn is slowly progressing: the locally linear embedding implementation was finally merged along with some documentation. At about the same time but in a different timezone, Jake VanderPlas began coding other manifold learning methods and back in Paris Olivier Grisel made my digits example a lot …

Handwritten digits and Locally Linear Embedding

Category: General, Python, scikit-learn

I decided to test my new Locally Linear Embedding (LLE) implementation against a real dataset. At first I didn't think this would turn out very well, since LLE seems to be somewhat fragile, yielding largely different results for small differences in parameters such as number of neighbors or tolerance, but …

Low-level routines for Support Vector Machines

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I've been working lately in improving the low-level API of the libsvm bindings in scikit-learn. The goal is to provide an API that encourages an efficient use of these libraries for expert users. These are methods that have lower overhead than the object-oriented interface as they are closer to the …

new get_blas_funcs in scipy.linalg

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Today got merged some changes I made to function scipy.linalg.get_blas_funcs(). The main enhacement is that get_blas_funcs() now also accepts a single string as input parameter and a dtype, so that fetching the BLAS function for a specific type becomes more natural. For example, fetching the gemm routine for …

Locally linear embedding and sparse eigensolvers

Category: General, Python, scikit-learn

I've been working for some time on implementing a locally linear embedding algorithm for the upcoming manifold module in scikit-learn. While several implementations of this algorithm exist in Python, as far as I know none of them is able to use a sparse eigensolver in the last step of the …

scikits.learn is now part of pythonxy

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The guys behind pythonxy have been kind enough to add the latest scikit-learn as an additional plugin for their distribution. Having scikit-learn being in both pythonxy and EPD will hopefully make it easier to use for Windows users. pythonxy-logo For now I will continue to make windows precompiled binaries, but pythonxy …