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Tablatura Albion

El el último disco de Babyshambles hay una canción que simplemente es demasiado buena para ser real. No encontré tablatura, así que saqué algunos acordes. En realidad creo que toca toda la canción medio tono más alto, no se, cuando me compre una cejilla lo averiguo: Los acordes que utilizo son: ---Do--Do*--Fa9--Sol--Fa E|-0----3----3----3----|1----| B|-1----1----1----0----|1----| G|-0----0----2----0----|2----| D|-2----2----3----0----|3----| A|-3----3----------2----|3----| E|-------------------3----|1----| Do ---------- Do* Down in Albion Fa9 They're black and blue Do*---------------------------Sol But we don't talk about that (Idem) Are you from 'round here? How do you do? I'd like to talk about that Talk over Gin in teacups And leaves on the lawn Violence in bus stops And the pale thin girl with eyes forlorn More gin in teacups And leaves on the lawn Violence in dole queues And the pale thin girl Behind the checkout ----Fa If you're looking for a cheap sort ----Do-----------Sol Set in false anticipation ---Fa I'll be waiting in the photo booth -------Do---------------Sol At the underground station Fa--------------Do So come away, won't you come away ---Sol We could go to... Deptford, Catford, Watford, Digberth, Mansfield ----------------------Do Ahh anywhere in Albion