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Summer of Code is over

Google Summer of Code program is officially over. It has been four months of intense work, exciting benchmarks and patch reviewing. It was a huge pleasure working with you guys! As for the project, I implemented a complete logic module and then an assumption system for sympy (sympy.logic, sympy.assumptions, sympy.queries). I even had time to make the logic module fast. On top of this, there's the refine module. It is there where you can see some nice examples and where all the power of sympy.queries and sympy.logic is exposed. Although this sounds good, there are some things that I did not complete on time. I could not remove the old assumption system. There are simply too many things that depend on this to remove it on one move. However, I agreed with Ondrej that we both would be working on this the days 15-30 September. This has to be done because we definitely do not want to make a sympy release with two different assumption systems! PD: a more detailed report lives here