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New examples in scikits.learn 0.6

Latest release of scikits.learn comes with an awesome collection of examples. These are some of my favorites:

Faces recognition

This example by Olivier Grisel, downloads a 58MB faces dataset from Labeled Faces in the Wild, and is able to perform PCA for feature extraction and SVC for classification, yielding a very acceptable 0.85 f1-score.

Species distribution modeling

This example2 by Peter Prettenhofer, models the geographical distribution of two south american mammals given past observations and 14 environmental variables.

Libsvm GUI

This other example, again by Peter Prettenhofer and based on matplotlib and Tk, lets you draw data points in a canvas and it will interactively show the decision function of the SVM classifier. See this video for a small showcase (music by Joe Crepúsculo can be downloaded here)