Keep the gradient flowing

Winter in Paris is not funny

This week I arrived to the place where I will be working the following two years: Neurospin.

It's a research center located 20 km from Paris, and so far things are going smoothly: the place is beautiful, work is great and food is excellent. Well OK, I do miss some …

Learning, Machine Learning

My new job is about managing an open source package for machine learning in Python. I've had some experience with Python now, but I am a total newbie in the field of machine learning, so my first task will be to find a good reference book in the subject and …

django, change language settings dynamically

After some failed attempts, I just found how to change the language settings dynamically in django, and I thought it could be useful to someone. Just use function activate() from django.utils.translation. For example: [cc lang="python"] from django.utils.translation import activate activate('es-ES') [/cc] will change global …

Django and request.POST

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why django removed the '+' character from the POST data retrieved via request.POST. Still don't know the reason of this behaviour, but using request.raw_post_data saved my day ...

Pretty printing

Thanks to a patch by Jurjen Bos (with some additions & modifications by me) we now got pretty printing in sympy. To see some examples, running it from isympy (you need sympy from svn):

In [1]: pprint x**2 +x +1
------> pprint(x**2 +x +1)

In …